November 2 - 7
St. Petersburg


Seminar in anthroposophic psychology

The Rostov Seminar in anthroposophical psychology and Waldorf pedagogy continues training sessions for Waldorf teachers, Waldorf kindergartners and anthroposophical psychologists and psychotherapists. We invite teachers, psychologists, doctors and the general public to gain knowledge in these areas. The training started in November 2015 and run until June 2018; it includes 12 sessions - four sessions of 9 days per year. The estimated cost of the first session, held from October 30 to November 7 2015, is 10,000 rubles. Now it is possible to join the seminar as a listener (without getting certified). It is also possible to attend an individual program, lectures or workshops of the seminar.

Anthroposophic psychology has its basis on spiritual-scientific approach to research of psyche activity and human soul as phenomena. This psychological direction is now at the stage of forming and integration into multi-paradigm realm of psychological science where one can find different approaches to investigation of psychic processes and real gap between academic theory and psychotherapeutic practice but not any common theory of psyche. Almost the same situation took place in the beginning of XX century, when Rudolf Steiner, founder of Anthroposophy, justified anthroposophically orientated psychology as such science of psyche which “does not transfer the methods developed in study of nature to the psyche, nor does it stop in the inner life as we know it in everyday life. Instead it brings an objective principle into the inner life, and out of this the psyche experiences itself”. This objective principle is an individual human spirit which is the basis of humility in human being. Cognizing and experience of spirit allows human soul overcome boundaries of psychic realm and come to objective knowledge of its own essence.
Anthroposophically orientated psychology allows to response such existential questions as possibility of free will and immortality of human soul. When man finds the first response he realizes his creative potential and sees real possibilities of its realization as the result he rises to the higher level of the personal development. If man realizes and then experiences his spiritual essence he gets an ability to meet consciously his destiny and recognize the meaning of his life.
However anthroposophic psychology not only illuminates the way for those, who go courageously by the way of self-cognizing, but also brings healing and consolation to those, who have psychic suffering and problems, because it helps to get connection with spirit which is real source of creating and healing forces.

Principles of anthroposophic psychology

January 3 - 8

6 exercizes